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  • Grey

    Name: Grey Title(s): The Grey King, The Grey Scholar, The King of Monsters, The Living God Nature: The Madness of Knowledge Alignment: TN One of twelve remaining gods in the world, but unlike the rest isn't confined to the divine realm and instead …

  • Gods

    List of active gods in the world: [[Grey | Grey]] [[Grol | Grol]] [[Serlathin | Serlathin]] [[The Father of Light | The Father of Light]] [[Corvus | Corvus]]

  • Grol

    Name: Grol Title(s): The Warrior, The Father of War Nature: War and Combat Alignment: CN Orcish god of war, although he is worshiped by anyone with a penchant for war mongering and soldiers will pay to him before a battle for a good and honorable …

  • Corvus

    Name: Corvus Title(s): Hand of Justice Nature: Absolute Justice Alignment: LN Entirely devoted to what he feels is justice at the expense of all else in life. Detests Grey with a burning passion and feels that he will eventually be the end of all …

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